Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Pix

Mom - this one's for you! Not Caylor's best look...but you can see her outfit!

Love you Nana!


Is it possible to drown in this.............

Because some days, I feel like I truly am! This is all 6 kids laundry in about a week and a half! Yes, we change our clothes often depending on what activity we are doing - but seriously?!
And....I now have proof.....

even my new dryer eats socks! Actually, this isn't a bad turnout this time! You should see it on a normal basis - we keep a sack of lonesome socks and it's Daddy's job to find its mate after laundry is folded!!
PS - Notice I am in it for a long haul - the water cup close, cell phone and what you can't see is the IPod on jammin tunes! Yes, that blank circle in the middle is where my bahookie sits to make my 6+ piles!

Friday, May 21, 2010

First Smiles...

Not fair - Mommy does all the work getting baby out - then Daddy walks away with First Smile bragging rights! Oh well, Caylor's cute whoever gets the smiles!
Still not sure how to get these cheeka's to move yet! :) They sure are heavy!

Daddy playing his "punching game" that always wins smiles! Let the smiles begin.....


So Ms. Caylor is supposed to be getting tummy-time, right? Yeah well, what normally is a happy, very contented baby - turns into this (see below) when I put her on her tummy!

NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! Big girl does NOT like to be on her tummy, in fact, she just about gets her leg over to turn herself over!
I can only take so much of her crying since she doesn't do it that often, it breaks my heart! Poor thing - needless to say, she doesn't go on her belly that much - so what if she goes to college with me holding her head up! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone, This is Caylor - Mommy says she doesn't have much time to blog much these days and everyone is asking for pictures of me - so I decided to tell you about myself!
Here I am sleeping in my bed ---- cute, I know --- mommy says to be humble, but hey, when you're this cute - it's hard!
I am sleeping in my big-girl-crib. At least that's what Daddy tells me. If I still had my ways, I would be in Mommy and Daddy's room, but Big-Ole-Dad tells me he needs alone time with mommy - isn't this how they got into trouble with me back about 11 months ago?! Hello Dad!!

But really - I like my crib and even stay in it when I'm not sleeping. Mommy says it's for my own protection...something about being crushed by my over-zealous brothers?!

Mommy turned the above and below pictures into my 8 X 10 pictures mommy has of her kiddos. So, now I have officially made the fireplace mantel - and everyone makes a scene! Even Yummy says hi to my pictures - it's great! :)

I got dedicated yesterday in church...on Mother's Day. Mommy thought that was pretty special! Here we are trying to take our first family picture. I think we all look at least somewhat decent! :)

Occassionally I do cry...but it takes too much energy most times so I don't do it that often! I find when I do start to wail - that my brothers and sister come running - I am the Master! :) I LOVE when they sing to me! I calm down right away!

Awww mom - really? We have to post this picture? Is there nothing sacred anymore?! My mother is obsessed with nakey pictures - you'll have to excuse her! Well, here I am at bath time. I am doing much better with them now and don't scream my head off too much - unless Daddy is giving me a bath! I don't like it when he does it for some reason!

Well, I leave you with one last picture. I am getting tired, I've been up for an hour - time for some sleep! I will check in again later! Love to all my adoring friends! Caylor Lindy
Oh yeah - Mommy wanted me to tell you my stats from this morning's dr. appt. Again, kinda embarrassing, seeing as I don't fall on a curve. I think I am being discriminated against! I weighed in at 12 lbs, 1 oz and 21 3/4" for length. I am not fitting into most of my 0-3 months clothes anymore, but again, mom says she's too busy to switch over my closet - so I'll continue to scrunch into my 0-3 mo. for awhile longer....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Breaking Bread Together....

So when my parents were here for Caylor's birth, my wonderful and talented Daddy built us our dream table so that my whole family could sit together and dine. This table is HUGE!!! I couldn't find anything I wanted in a store, I also couldn't afford to have anything custom made - except by my Dad, of course!
I am soooooo happy with the outcome! On the two "shorter" ends, there are bench seats to accomodate many small children. Then along the "longer" sides are the three chairs on each side. We are using our chairs from our previous table right now, however, once again, my wonderful, talented Daddy (as mentioned above!) is coming back to make chairs that match the benches! :) Yeah for me!!!

Now, all I need is a bigger dining room to accomodate my bigger table! :)

Come and eat with us sometime - it's always an adventure!

Zoo-Riffic Fun!

One of the days Daddy was home - we went to the zoo! It was so much fun and we bought a season pass, so we will have many memories at the zoo this summer and fall! These are just the highlights!
The "Big Kids"

And then yummy had to be included even though, he is not included in our definition of "big kids". Yes, my children are dressed in orange (under coats for Ridge and Anders) for fear of losing one of them! Ryan thinks I am crazy, but I do it all-the-time if I am going somewhere with large crowds!

And the zoo wouldn't have been complete unless we rode the train - even though we had already walked around the zoo in the same path as the train! That's alright - we saved it for last, so both mommy and daddy were tuckered! We didn't even get around to all the exhibits this visit, I think I will take the kids next week again to look at those that we missed!
It was a fun day had by all!

Monday, May 3, 2010

First Day....

So I survived the first day with all the kids - by myself! I think I even have all 6 still alive! :) I consider that to be a good day! :)

It started off great - Anders actually stayed in his bed and didn't start the day off with discipline! I will admit the kids were still in their jammies until after nap, but hey, so was I! I will also admit that my breakfast dishes didn't get loaded into the dishwasher until about 4pm when the fear of Ryan coming home and seeing them still there motivated me! He HATES a messy kitchen and unfortunately I could care less!

Luckily, I will also admit I am cheating for dinner and using a freezer meal that I prepped ahead of time. I also "made" dinner for Wednesday by getting out another meal a friend gave us to freeze! Gotta love that quick home-made cooking!

Caylor did well today. She put herself to sleep in her crib for 2 naps! I was rather surprised, but glad that she chose to do it! It made school time much easier - hence why I got school even completed today!

We got a walk in today, which helps with Mommy's mental state of being outside and not stuck in the house - yea God for good weather! However, I am a little stressed that the kids are starting to lose it and Ryan hasn't called yet to say he is on his way home (5:15pm!) Ugh - hang in there group! We will make it to the end!

Now, I know not every day will go this smoothly, but wow - glad God chose today for all the kids to be even tempered and well-behaved. It has given me a boost of confidence that hey, this 6-kid thing isn't THAT hard! :)