Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Broken Elbow Later.....

Well, here is the story of (little) R's broken arm! We were at the Jump Yard place in Indianapolis with my sister and her 4 kiddos. We had been there about 10 minutes when someone heard R crying and I went over to see if he was okay. He originally said he hurt his finger. I kissed it and thought he would be on his way, he wasn't truly crying very hard. Then he said his elbow hurt. So I gave that a sugar as well and told him to go and play. He sauntered around and my mom scooped him up for some loves. She was rubbing his arm when she felt a "bump". She told me to feel it and as I extended his arm, the "bump" (bone) moved. Uh... I asked my sister to feel it and she agreed that he needed to go to the Urgent Care. So we left the other 7 children with my mom and my sister, R, A and myself left. After some x-rays it was determined that he did break his elbow and that he might even need surgery! WHAT?! I had gotten a hold of Ryan by this point, but he was in a classified room and could not take his cell phone with him. They wanted to transport Ridge via ambulance, but I insisted that I take him to the ER myself. I was told there would be a Pediatric Orthopedist there to see R's case.

I got the other kids settled at my sisters house and then drove R to the ER. After about 20 minutes Ryan arrived and the Ped. Ortho followed him into the room. He explained what happened and what was going to be done. R apparently had one of the top 3 breaks they DON'T want to see. It hit a joint and growth plate. Not good!!! The surgery was going to be placing 2 pins in R's arm to hold the bone in place and to help is grow back together. He wasn't sure at the time if they were going to have to make an incision or go through the skin with the pins. Luckily, they were able to drill a hole and insert the pins - no incision! Yay - one to our advantage! Then they put a full arm cast on him and we were able to take him home that night!

Bigger shirts fit over his cast the best!

Please, please pray with us for the exact healing of R's elbow. If it doesn't heal just right, then there could be serious issues following. He has to be in his cast for 6 weeks and then they will remove the pins and cast. We are fortunate enough to get to go back to the same Ortho Dr. that inserted the pins. I was totally confident of his knowledge and ability with my little guy! Dr. Kramer is his name, please pray that he has steady hands when he removes the pins on June 1st!

R has adapted very well to the whole thing. As you can see, it is his right hand, which means he has to do everything else with his left, including eating. We have had a few glasses of spilled milk, however, he is doing quite well for a 3-year old! Did I mention that R is not supposed to run, bump, or fall on his elbow during the next 5 weeks? Did I also mention that he is 3 years old?! :) He is supposed to wear his sling when he is up and around. After much tweaking - we think we have it mastered to stay in place!!!

R had unfortunately missed out on a few things that the other kids have gotten to do due to injury! He wasn't able to play with his cousins the last half of the trip because of him not running or bumping it. He also wasn't able to swim in the pool at the hotel on the way home - however, Mommy took him for his very own scoop of ice cream, so that made up for it!

Relaxing like nothing has ever happened! :) Thanks for praying for his recovery!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun with Cousins!!!!

We decided that life was boring one day - so we had a great idea and took them to a place that had a bunch of blow-up slides, jumpy thing, etc. Here are some pictures....

The boys getting ready to take the plunge! Watch out down below!!!

Girls on their way up the high slide!

Ridge on his way up!

The boys on the climbing wall.

I love C's face here!
"Hey Mom!"

My beautiful niece A!
And then R took that fateful climb up the stairs . . . .
and on the way down - he broke his arm! The story and more pictures to come in a later post!

E and M at gymnastics - they had a blast - two peas in a pod!
The girlies coloring - I didn't see my daughter the entire 5 days we were there! She was off playing with girls the ENTIRE time! She had a blast - thankyou Foy ladies for letting my daughter join in!

The cousins - all but 3 boys - we missed you Miller Family!

Happy 2nd Birthday H!

H turned 2 on April 18th! He is quite the handsome little guy with LOTS of energy and zest for life. We had a few gifts to open before we left on our trip to Indiana - and then my sister planned a party for H while we were staying at her house. Lots of family got to come and celebrate H's special occassion!

Aunt Wisa (as my kids call her) made H a cupcake tree for his party! He loves cupcakes.....

Little Man got a little embarrassed as we all sang to him!


A quick picture of the singing crew - all but 3 of his cousins! We missed you Miller Boys!

Everyone enjoyed Aunt Wisa's cupcakes - mmm...
Pure Heaven!
I wasn't quick enough to get over to N while he was eating his cupcake - guess it was good! :)
More gifts! Thank you to all!

Ka-Pow - as we call him in our house! Yay!!!
H loves Uncle Greg - Thank yoy Foy Family for opening your home for H's party!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DC Here we come....

"Ryan - I have a wonderful idea!"
Ryan sighs.... secretly scared when I say this!
"Don't you think it would be fun to take the kids to the Cherry Blossom Festival up in DC?"

So off we go....
Washington DC to ride the rails with 5 young children....hmmm
Here is our adventure:

The train was the favorite part - however, quite nerve-wracking for this protective Mommy!! The kids loved it and are still asking to go back!

We had to do a transfer from one colored line to another - so here we are waiting for our next train. It didn't stop that long, so getting everyone on before the doors closed was the hardest thing!

We arrived safe and sound in DC:
Let The Fun Begin!!!

The kids made a Japanese house. We all decided to make one large family house instead of individual houses to save on time. The end result is in the background - now we just had to get it home in one piece!

We stopped to do some origami and the kids made various animals. No pictures of that - I was busy folding! Then we headed over to decorate some hats.

I was a little nervous with G's name printed on the front, but he made it through the day just fine!

Next activity - a Japanese dance performed by even young girls!

Of course then E wanted to dress up like the girls in the show! The first picture you can't really tell, but she is looking in a mirror admiring herself! Not vain AT ALL!!!

All in all we had a great time and we can't for the next excuse to go up there! It's always an adventure!

Easter Fun!

The crew in their Easter outfits!

Let the Egg Hunt Begin....

It was a cold and rainy day - but that didn't stop them!!!

This little girl was one determined little girl to find as many eggs as possible - I'm sure you can tell from the look on her face! "Eggs, must find Eggs!!!"

There are no pictures of G getting eggs because he ran too fast for Mommy to keep up! He was a man on a mission!

A's first Batchelor Easter Egg Hunt - He did great!

Tah-Dah! Fun was had by all!

And now - to assess the loot!

Here is our family picture - however, we are going to try again with a professional!

Happy Easter!