Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's been so long, so long, so long....

It has been a long ten (almost 11) months of silence. 

We had a trickle of information come in last weekend, Aug. 16th. 

But we still wait...

The next step is our official referral (finding out who our kiddos will be) and all the details they know about them.  We are very anxious and we both feel we are getting closer and closer.  This step is typically taking about 12 months to complete (we are almost at 11 months!). 

However, in this time of waiting, God has built our financial resources up!  We are less than 10% away from being fully funded!!!!  God is good and while we think He isn't doing anything, He truly is by providing for our future needs!!! 

So keep hanging on with us!  We know the wait can be boring, we know the wait can be daunting.....
but it's all in God timing and we are clinging to that! 

Hopefully our next blog will be more details about our kiddos!