Tuesday, January 7, 2014

He did it again!!!!

For those that have been following our blog (I know, that means about 3 of you - one being my own mother!) let me announce more ways that God is showing His hand in this!  Amazing, just amazing!! 
First, we had the fund raiser of the Pizza Cards - which by the way, thanks to all who participated! We had a fabulous turnout and have very few left!!!  We made a great deal of money which we told the kids would be their donation since they were doing the majority of the sales.  During the SAME month in which we had great sales from Pizza Cards, we were also given 2 sizeable donations that MATCHED what our kids made in pizza sales!  God price-matched us for a second time!  He did it again!  Amazing! 

So this month was another what we are calling "Super Saver" month in which we all commit as a family to save and cut-back a bit on our regular budget.  So we are saving $xxx this month and GUESS WHAT?!!  God did it AGAIN!  He priced-matched us with another donation relatively close to what our "Super Saver" comes out to be! 

Friends, my eyes tear up at what God is doing in this process!  We have stepped out in faith, and God is holding our hands!  It's an amazing feeling to know that you are right where God asked you to be. 

We have exciting news that we can't quite share yet - but God is at work in a whole other area of our adoption.  We are doing back flips waiting to hear the end result!  Sorry for the teaser, but I specifically ask you to pray for this mama's heart.  Pray for calmness, pray for peace until decisions are made, and pray that I will rest in His hand that He is extending to me! 
God is good - all the time! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

After Christmas blaaaahhhh....

So Christmas is done, the New Year has been rung in, and thus begins the year of waiting! 
We are really close to being paperwork-complete for our homestudy and will begin our interviews with a Social Worker.  Then we can finally say we are complete with that large section of the adoption process. 
In the process of it all, God has been displaying to us that He is in control of all of this and that this is the right direction for our family.  We anxiously are awaiting to see whom will join our family and to finally give them names and call them our brothers/sisters!  Many exciting times ahead, however, lots of waiting!