Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 School Year has begun....

We are in our second week of school now. Yes, I am the mean mom/teacher who does year-round schooling. Many reasons as to why - the main one being that they don't lose as many skills by only taking 4 weeks off. I actually hadn't planned to start as early as we did, but I wanted to take a week off to go to Indiana to visit family, so had to crack the whip! :) Here are the kids' first days of school pictures. We are in the second week and they are doing well! We have had a few bobbles, but nothing that the teacher can't handle!

Grady is in the 2nd Grade. He is reading any and everything around him. He amazes me in all that he reads and understands! Grady still loves math, but a close second is history and science. Not sure what he will do in the future.

**A funny story that happened just today - he was working on spelling - not his favorite by the way - and some of his words are top, tip, but, some, (very easy words for him - you get the idea!) So he was doing a riddle in his spelling book and gave it to me after he had finished to be graded. He then left the room - I guess to use the restroom. I started laughing at one of his answers, and he says (from the bathroom, mind you!) I know what you are laughing at mommy! This was the riddle: (review above spelling words)
The opposite of bottom - and my son writes - but
After he came out - I explained that the "but" he was talking about was spelled "butt" and that the answer they were looking for was "top". I am still giggling about that one and can't wait for the principal to come home to tell him! :)

Ellie is in the 1st Grade and loves school. Her easiest subject this year is Creative Writing. She has absolutely NO PROBLEM in this subject! The girl has an imagination the size of Texas! She also loves her writing prompts which allow her to be creative as well! She is doing much better in math and now somewhat enjoys it. She hasn't quite taken off in her reading, but I'm sure will here soon! She does well at it, just doesn't have much confidence yet!

Ridge is in his second year of preschool this year. He amazes me at how smart he is. He must learn everything from his older brother and sister because I sure don't feel like I have taught him much! He is learning to write his ABC's and doing really well at writing his numbers already! He beams when I tell him it is his turn to do school. He truly loves it!

Oh my Hudson, he started his first year of preschool this year. He goes 3 days a week and I make sure I take my vitamin on those days! He keeps me on my toes. Luckily, he is only in the school room for about 30 mintues! He is VERY active - talks and moves constantly!!! Should be an interesting year because. . . . . . .

of these two right here!
My schedule is rather interesting this year with juggling 4 grades and a toddler and an infant! Pray for our schooling if you think of us! We love homeschooling - however, it is a busy, busy day during the week! We thank God everyday before we start school that He has allowed us to do school at home!