Friday, December 19, 2014


My husband always cringes when I say - "Oooo, I have an idea!" 
(To be honest, I think my father does too!)

Well, all of your interesting, fun-loving people who get excited when they hear about something new

I have an idea brewing in my head that I think will be a fun way to raise money!!! 
Ooooo, back to brainstorming!!! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Overflowing of Love

What blessings we have to report on!!!  God is working financially through our adoption once again! 

First, we need to thank an anonymous person from our church family.  While I don't like not knowing, I will (try to) rest in joy from the gift!  But thank you to that special person/people!  Let me share with the rest of you our story of blessing!  We received a BEAUTIFUL note - one of true encouragement, verses of truth, and inspiring words from friends!   In the gift, this person left us 50 Bruster's (our local ice cream shop) coupon booklets that can be sold for $20 each.  You do the math - yep, that was the same jaw-dropping reaction I had!  A possible $1,000 towards our adoption!  We are going to wait and sell these in the spring-time when its a little warmer out!  We are grateful for you friend(s), whomever you are!! 

Second, I had another friend at church ask if she could do a fundraiser for me!  All she wants me to do is show up and have fun looking at jewelry and other accessories!  She is taking care of the invites, the refreshments, the hosting, everything!!!  This company with whom she is organizing a fundraiser with is Noonday - it is special to my heart because it was originally based off an adoption fundraiser.  The jewelry is beautiful!!  They also have other items such as handbags, headbands, scarves, etc.  The items are made in different countries like Peru, Ethiopia, Haiti (yay!!), Rwanda, Ecuador, and various other countries.  It is a great company that I am excited to learn even more about! 

As you can see, the people from our church are have been so supportive us of along this journey.  We are grateful for each and every prayer that goes up for our family as well.  Thank you brothers and sisters of SAYSF Bible Church for your love and support!  We cannot wait to introduce you to (more of) our children!  wink, wink! 

A third update is our Amazon link that people have been using!  My goal was to get up to one plane ticket to bring a child home (around $300).  We are almost there - we are currently at $245!!!  How exciting!  Thank you for taking the time to shop this way!  A person close to me is hoping to get 2 tickets with this link!  Keep up the shopping and if you have no clue what I am talking about - see earlier posts on this blog. 

As far as news on the adoption front, we are a little over a month into our 6-8 month l.o.n.g, quiet wait!  I pray daily for a gentle, quiet spirit in this time when I can pray for my future kids and all that they are dealing with on a daily basis and all that they will deal with when they finally come home!  Join me in prayer, would you?!