Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amazon Fundraier

A new kind of fundraiser.... if you already shop at - this one is easy!!!

We have become an Amazon Affiliate - a small amount of any purchase you make from Amazon using our Amazon Link will be deposited into our account. 

Think about all the books....

All the music...

All the toys...

The site won't look any different than what you are used to - but it will make a big difference to us in the end if we have a lot of people participating. 
Happy Shopping!!

Amazon Adoption Link

Please feel free to share and spread to others!! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

They stole our hearts.....

It tugs at my heart strings to look at these pictures!  While none of these kids are able to be adopted, I still would take all of them home in a heart beat!  We truly enjoyed our time in Haiti and cannot wait to go back and meet the children that God has picked out for our family.  The children pictured above are well taken care of, loved on immensely, and being taught about God's love daily! 

In other news - our adoption is well....moving along.....I guess!  This journey is looonnnnggg folks, and I'm not gonna lie - sometimes discouraging.  However, since I follow an omniscient God, He knows the path our family is to take and just how long it will take.  We have been receiving good news that "things are moving" for Haiti.  Our agency (again, let me give a shout out to AWAA!), really our Country Program Coordinator has asked other parents who already have their children to share a small part of their journey.  While I am jealous (I know, I'm working on that!), I know that God's time for me will come.  These families have been encouraging to me - and I don't even know them!  I will continue to hang in there and wait for my appointed time! 

We have received word on 3 of our 10 grants we have applied for and have unfortunately not gotten selected for them.  Again, the devil is at work and throwing discouraging darts at me when I think about the cost of the next payment (the next one is the BIGGEST one!)  It's a scary, scary number but I hold on to Philippians 4:19.  The payment is no surprise to God and no surprise on how He's going to pull that number off in our bank account!  So we are gearing up for more grant writing and thinking about possible fundraisers.  So if you need me, I will be at the computer or copying machine applying for 7 more grants that we have learned about. 

We would appreciate prayer on other financial areas - we are struggling with the fine line of staying out of debt, applying for interest free loans, etc for this journey.  We are having difficulty distinguishing His will and having complete surrendering financially.  So I guess I'm asking for loud and clear guidance as to where He wants us to go from here.  We still have 7 grants out there that we are excited to hear about, so please keep praying for those as well! 

As always - stay tuned.....