Monday, January 26, 2015

God at work!

Sending thankful prayers up to my God today! 

One of my friends just got a travel date notice to go and pick up their son!  This other mama and I have been on our adoption journey together for over a year.  I am soooo grateful that they get to meet and give him a forever home very, very soon!  God is good all the time! 

I know it is quiet on our end here recently, but praise God with me today loudly that He knows exactly what He is doing - matching families, clearing government red tape, sending out travel dates, etc!  God is working for those that don't have an earthly family YET! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Quiet on the Home Front....

Time to update - what information, I'm not sure!  But it's time to update! 

Many referrals are coming in through our adoption agency, it's just not our time yet.  I know we have a longer wait ahead of us....sometimes I get anxious and want to meet our kiddos!!  It's truly good that others are getting their referrals, because that means that other children are getting their forever homes and forever families.  I can't imagine what it would be like to be told that you now have a family that wants you, that loves you, and that is coming to get you to take you to a safe, loving home!  I want my future kids to hear those words oh so badly!!! 

We are hosting a Parents Night Out on February 13th.  Parents will be able to drop off their kids from 5pm-10pm and head out to a nice, quiet Valentines Day date.  We will provide a light snack, movie, games and a craft.  Reservations are limited, so contact me if you wish to sign your kiddo-crew up!  We will be accepting donations that go towards our adoption expenses.  Feel free to share this announcement with anyone local! 

No other news to report on quite yet.  We are brainstorming another fund raiser that I mentioned in the earlier post - so stay tuned for that announcement!