Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The BIG Easter Egg Hunt

We decided to do our Annual Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter this year (luckily - or we would have missed it due to the arrival of Caylor!). It was a windy, windy day in Wichita - imagine that!!! My parents had just gotten into town, so they were going to be in on the fun as well! So here we are - ready to go.....
And off they go............

"Any loot in here?"

Once Anders figured out what the kids were doing running all around - he really got into it and found quite a few eggs!

Hey Mom!

I think we have a winner of who got the most eggs! Luckily - we pooled them all together and then separated them when we got home!

Yummy has warmed up to family now. It is nice to see him enjoying his grandparents now!

Now let's see what are in these things we ran around to gather!

I think when Caylor joins in the fun next year - we'll need to get more eggs! Get ready Aunt Jan - we'll have even more next year to fill! :)

I still love the face of an excited 6 1/2 year old!

Next year we'll have 6 of them running around looking for Easter Eggs! May the best runner win! :)

And the newest soccer star......

Ridge Lawson!!! He is soooooo excited to start soccer this year! As you can see from the smiles from ear to ear - he LOVES it! This is mostly a soccer clinic where Daddy helps Ridge learn soccer skills. So I'm sure he also loves the one-on-one time with Daddy!

Ridge has really come out of his shell since he started playing soccer. He runs up to his coach now when he sees him at the YMCA. He also has been volunteering to do things for his coach as well. We are proud of Ridge and his willingness to come out of his shy-shell! :) Not to mention he looks stinkin' adorable in his shin guards and cleats!

Soccer Star

Grady is playing soccer again this year. These are some pictures from his very first game. He was able to score a goal and we were so proud of him. He has come a long way in his ability to play this year! His team is short on players, so there aren't many minutes that he doesn't get to play! He is pretty tired after a game!

High 5's all around! Grady has some really nice boys on his team this year! These high 5's came after Grady scored a goal!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here are some more pictures of the newest princess in our lives. Little Ms. Bunny (what we have decided to nickname her since she was our Easter present!) We are not expecting the nickname to stick like Yummy did with Anders, however, you never know!
Peaceful bliss.....

She has a little bit of hair - enough of a covering to make mommy happy! So far it is black which mommy desperately wants her to keep! We shall see - she is beautiful no matter what color the hair is!

Parents lookin' a little rough here - phew! Need to get home to get some sleep!

Our little strawberry tart is ready to go home!

The kiddos were ready and waiting for us when we got home. All but Anders had a temperature, so we hadn't let them come to the hospital and made them stay back a bit when we did get home. It was rather crushing to the big kids, but they understood not wanting to make Caylor sickly!

Anders was funny - all he wanted to do was wave "Hi" to her. I had never seen him wave hi to anyone before - just goodbye, so that was neat! They were all dying to get their little paws on her!

All in all - everyone has adjusted pretty well so far. We have some that like to hold her, some that are more interested in her "toys", and some interested in poking her eye and other body parts trying to name them!

We have been very appreciative of these 2 special people that have been with our crazy family the whole time. My parents got here the Friday before Caylor was born on Sunday. They took on 5 kids, 4 of whom had pretty high fevers, crazy sports and church schedules, becoming a homeschool teacher, and building us a table that we all would someday fit at. They have worked tirelessly and never complained (that I have heard!) :) about doing laundry, wiping poopy bottoms, or getting up in the middle of the night to comfort a crying grandbaby!
To them - we say THANK YOU beyond belief!!! We love you and will miss you!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Caylor Lindy

I would like to introduce the newest member of our growing family:

Caylor Lindy Batchelor

Born April 4, 2010 at 4:30pm

9lbs, 10 oz 19 inches long

Caylor came with great gusto! Being Easter Sunday, we were at church when the contractions started - again! So ignore and move on was my motto this time around. The contractions will persist if it were to be the real thing! By the time we got home, I sunk into bed and tried to get comfy - huh! I moved to my bath tub to try and get "more comfy". By this time the contactions were intense and close together - time to go by 3:00pm! Of course, being Batchelor-Style, we hadn't packed our bag yet, so Ryan scrambled to get some things put together. We headed off in the car with 4 of the 5 kids left at home with fevers! About 7 minutes later we had to turn around because we had forgotten the camera - and we all KNOW that is not going to work! I also hadn't downloaded my Easter pictures from that morning, but there was no time for that - I wanted my Epidural NOW!!!

I got to the Birth Center and they immediately took me back and started assessing me. I rated my pain at a 5 only because I knew it would get much worse if I DIDN'T GET MY EPIDURAL SOON!!! I was checked and told I was alreay at a 6 - so then I wanted to change my pain scale to about an 8! EPIDURAL LADY - WHERE ARE YOU??? They did their best to get it going, however, it was not destined to happen! Ugh - another birth filled with humour memories due to this crazy lady when she is in pain!

To save all the "lovely" details, Caylor was born healthy and strong. She had a poop in utero - so they did bring in the Big Wig Dr. but she was fine! She even got an 8 on her first Apgar and then a 9 on her second one!

Proud Daddy - again! :) He got his second daughter that he soooo wanted!

Aaaahhh - feeling much better now!

Our cutie!

Caylor is not fond of baths or being naked. Hopefully this will change since this is pretty much the only time she cries!

More pictures to come.... when there is time..... so don't hold you breath too long.....