Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wrapping It All Up

Our time here is coming to a close. Tomorrow the kids and I leave for New Orleans, LA to see dear, dear friends of ours. We then will be moving on to KS after Ryan joins us there. He has about another week to finish up here in FL and then will join us in LA. We have had some great times here in FL. G said the other day, "Mommy, we have done some fun things here, I can't even remember them all!" I thought that was all worth the pain of moving, finding temporary lodging, Ryan's long hours! To make memories, is what it is all about!

I did want to update you on what Ryan has been doing while we have been off having fun! I first want to thank most of you for praying for him. He has done really well in his training here after not flying for 4 years with the Navy! Thank you for praying for him. He told me last night after he got his major "test" flights done, that he was grateful so many people were praying for him. He has also worked hard for it though - spending many long hours studying at night mostly after we all had gone to bed! I am sure it is hard to juggle studying/working with daddy/husband roles and duties. I am proud of the way he handles it all and still makes us feel loved and appreciated!

He has a few more flights and simulators on the T-6 and then he will be complete to move on to KS. He has truly enjoyed (most of the time) back in the air. Now that he is not getting air sick anymore - I'm sure he is enjoying more and more of it! The boy was born to fly that's for sure!

This is the T-6 Alpha and in KS he will be flying the T-6 Bravo which is a bit different on the inside. The kids and I haven't been in one yet, but hope to in KS!

We are very proud of Ryan/Daddy and are glad that God blessed us with him! Thank you Bo for all you do for us! We love you!

Blue Angels!

A trip to Pensacola, FL (home of the Blue Angels) wouldn't be complete without seeing a little bit of Blue Angel magic! We thought maybe we would be around for the airshow coming up in a few weekends, but it looks like we will be in KS already. So we decided to hit one of their practice times instead. Ryan asked around and was told where to go where there wouldn't be a crowd and the kids would have a good view. We had the BEST seats on the base! We were right on the runway where they took off! Holy Cow - that was as close as I have been to them! The kids were super pumped to see them. H is a little obsessed with them and thinks every plane in the air is a Blue Angel. The Angels were having a harder time with practice, so hopefully things go better at the airshow for them! We still had a blast watching them and having Daddy there with us to explain everything and help hold ears!

Fat Albert didn't go up this morning, but he was still sitting there for us to see!

A was soooo good and only took his ear plugs out one time! He was hilarious with them in! What mischief, eh?!

We only had to wait a few minutes for them before they took off - thanks Daddy for the great seats!

3-2-1..... and there they go!

The next few pictures are of their stunts they did. Ryan and I both agreed they were not having a very good flying day! Made me a bit nervous, I must admit!!!

Yes, that would be the landing gear you see heading towards the sky! Whew - makes my tummy turn!

This is G's favorite manuver - where they fly at each other from opposites ends. He told me on one of the passes just to close my eyes! Believe me - I did!!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Here are all the kiddos dressed up and ready to head a Harvest Fall Festival at the church we have been going to.

G all dressed up as a race car driver - sorry Pwa-Paw, we didn't know who it was in the beginning, but someone told us while at the festival! We meant to call you, we knew you would like the costume!

Nurse E - calling Nurse E! Ms. Thang chose to bring her nurse dress-up from home. Here she is working on a patient that crashed in a race! (don't worry, the patient pulled through thanks to Nurse E!)

Watch out for his web - here comes Spidey-man R! The mast got packed with the movers, but R was okay with it! (not sure he would have worn it anyways!)

Monkey'n around H! We had to buy this costume here in FL and Ryan and I cracked up when we put it on him in the store! We couldn't refuse - he loved it to! The hat was not worn much, but he still looked cute!

And a baby giraffe is always needed! Little A loved wearing his costume! Although the picture-taking was a difficult ordeal!

While at the Fall Festival the kids were able to play games, go on a hay ride (FL-style!), and eat candy! Yes, we let them eat A Piece!!! :) They also got their faces painted. G chose a checkered flag!

E chose her standard butterfly that she usually gets.

And R wanted a Spider!

H and A chose not to get their faces painted - I think they were afraid of the nice, not to mention, really sloooooow face painter dude.
Another funny E comment - This is on the way home from the festival:
E: I guess no one read the back of my shirt! (said with such disappointment we could almost barely hear her)
Me: Why E what do you mean? I heard a lot of people reading it.
E: Well everyone kept thinking I was a dr. NOT a nurse - I'm a nurse! (said with compassion!)
Me: Oh, well you made a very cute nurse! (said while trying to hold back laughter!)
E has still continued to have a rough week. Some behaviors have gotten better, although I am still waiting for my sweet baby girl to come back! Don't tell me hormones have already set in!!!