Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture-Less Post

Many of you have asked what is going on with us lately....

Well here we are in a nutshell!

We are in Week 9 of school and going strong. The kids are learning so much.
G is in First Grade and Math is still his favorite subject. He enjoys reading now and has really started to blossom! Anything he can read - he will!
E is in Kindergarten and loves it as well. She is learning to read and can read shorter words, and read a Bob Book to Daddy tonight! She is learning to add as well.
R is in his first year of Preschool. He loves the one-on-one attention during school. He has learned two letters already and knows his colors and shapes already! (I think it helps having older siblings!) He qualified for Speech assistance, which we are thankful for. We have been requesting Speech Therapy for over a year now, and someone finally listened! He is getting better with talking, however, outsiders have a harder time understand him.

AWANA has started up in full swing. Trying to manage 3 children's verses is quite a challenge for me. During school we have been memorizing verses, so luckily, they haven't lost their memorization talent during the summer months! E is sooooo happy to be a Sparks girlie and R was jumping at the seams to be a Cubbie. He has been wanting to be a Cubbie for over 2 years now! I get nervous about him being by himself with others having a hard time understanding him, but he seemed to do just fine!

During all of this, the Navy has decided to move us to Kansas. We are excited about a new adventure! Since this is our 9th move in 12 years of marriage - we are pretty used to it. However, it is different doing it with 5 young children! We are pulling out of Maryland on Oct. 2nd and will be heading to Pensacola to live in a condo directly on the beach - I know, I know - suffering is hard to do - but someone has to do it! The kids are excited to be on the beach and so is mommy as it will help pass the 6 weeks we are going to be there! We are fortunate, that we will be able to see 3 sets of old friends that we haven't seen for some time! All have had babies/kiddos that we haven't ever met before! Ryan is going to be flying the T-6's there, and he is happy to be in flying status again! We will be closer to Ryan's family, as we are excited about that as well - seeing as we will be adding a new nephew to the family in December!

So there is us in a nutshell - never a dull moment!
Come and see us in KS if you get the chance!