Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sense of Humor!

He says, "Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10
It has been really quiet on the news of our adoption recently!  Quite frustrating for a mama's heart, but I have determined to Be Still.  I am not the "stillest" person in the world, so this is hard for me.  However, that is a command from God.  The same God who already knows how many hairs are on my children's head (Matt 10:30), the same God who knows when our file will be submitted to IBESR (Job 34:21), and the same God who will make things happen at exactly the right time (Act 1:7). 
So as I was typing this - an email came in from our agency!!! 
Doesn't God have such a great sense of humor!  Here I am trying to convince myself of His word and somewhat having a pity party for myself - and He gave me a spanking!!  I must be STILL and listen to His leading and to His ways!!  Uh - sorry God!! 
So what does this big news mean?!!  Well, now we wait (again!) 6-8 months for a formal referral from Haiti.  This referral will have a picture and other important information included and we have 14 days to accept the referral and give our proposed travel dates for our 2-week bonding trip.  Yikes - 2 weeks away from my kiddos here!  We aren't sure yet what we are going to do with them for this amount of time, but ideas are flying through our minds.  We are excited to let our minds get more serious about this step! 
What I originally got on here to blog about was our news about our fundraising!  We sold all 190 pizza cards in 2 1/2 weeks!  That's amazing!  Our kids rocked these cards!!  Our kids had expressed raising funds to help with adoption from the very start (exactly a year ago, actually!).  We told them all profits from these cards would totally be their contribution to the expenses.  And they did it!  They raised $3,050!!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  We are proud of them and can't wait to share with our Haitian children how their siblings helped bring them home!! 
We are still praying for our matching grant through LifeSong as well as our Amazon link to use to raise funds.  If you need any information about either of those, just let me know. 
Thanks God for uplifting and encouraging news right when this mama needed it!! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another quick, AMAZING update!!

More provisions!!

We got a letter late last week that we have been awarded a grant for $500!  Praise Jesus!!  We are astounded at how quickly God has built our account back up, ready to pay the next upcoming installment.  

We had a Chick Fil A spirit night and we received quite a bit of money for that easy fundraiser!!  A huge thanks for those that were able to come out and eat some yummy chicken for us!!  We had a blast doing it and look forward to doing another one this summer!!  

We received our Papa John's pizza cards on Thursday and we had already sold enough to pay back the bill in less than 48 hours!  It came within $10 of the total bill!  God has such a humor sometimes!! He is showing me to let go and let God!!  The boys went out on their bikes tonight (with Daddy, don't worry!) and sold another chunk so we are officially in the positive!!  If you are interested in one of these awesome cards, let me know!!  Every time you purchase a pizza, you get a second one free! It isn't just locally, and they are good for one year!  (You should hear my H do his sales pitch, he's too stinkin cute when he does it!) 

We stand in awe at how God is leading our journey!  While the furthering of our package in Haiti seems so slow to us, we know that in His timing we will know and visit our children!  We also covet your prayers for health for the kiddos, as well as provisions until we can bring them home!!