Friday, June 4, 2010

Circus and Such

So we went to the Ringling Brother's Circus last night. WOW! What an experience. A friend of mine from church had advertised that she had extra tickets for those that were interested. Without telling Ryan, I emailed her and told her I would take 7 if she had that many extra. So when she dropped off the tickets - I told Ryan - We are headed to the circus love!!! :) Less than thrilled, he agreed to go.

So off we went - to the circus....
Now the last time we went to the circus - we had 2 children and Grady screamed the entire time because he was deathly afraid of the clowns (I'm with him, I don't care for clowns either!) Ellison was about 9 months old, and she liked the clowns enough to be held by them for mommy to get a Kodak moment! That particular circus was rather lame-o and dusty and HOT!!! So my impressions of a circus were pretty much made from that memory!

Well...... the Ringling Brothers know how to put a show on - that's for sure! All 6 kiddos were amazed and sat gazing with their mouths open at one point or another during the hour and a half! Even Anders sat still - and that is a memory to be kept forever!!!

There were trapeze artists, tight rope walkers, elephants (9 of them!), tigers, clowns, cannon balls, dancers, singers, magicians, a dog show, even zebras! The kids had an absolute blast and it was soooo much fun for Ryan and I to sit there and watch our crew have the time of their lives! We don't get too many opportunities to let our crew be wild and crazy, but last night was their night!

So today they were still talking about the circus and even some playing like they were in the circus - too cute, by the way! Anyways, I asked each child what they would do in the circus if they were going to join it. Here are their answers:
Grady - Horse trainer
Ellison - The lady that goes in the cannon and gets shot out and does a flippy thing in the air and lands on the big cushion.
Ridge - The person that rides on the swing and jumps all around
Hudson - He rattled off quite a few, but I got - a clown (how appropriate!) and an elephant trainer.
Anders we think would choose to be a tiger trainer - his eyes were glued to that part of it!

Anyways, thought I would share our fun night last night with everyone!
Tonight's festivities include a parade - but not just any parade - the Derby Days Parade in which my older children will be riding on a float in this Derby Days Parade! They are really excited about this - however, Grady connected that, "Hey, we won't get to see the parade if we are in it!" Smart kid that Grady! The younger crew and parental roles will be in the crowd beaming at their proud children! Let the parade begin.......