Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Long Over due . . . I know, I know!!!

My how life has raced ahead!  I haven't blogged on progress lately, because honestly, I didn't think there was any progress being made.  However, God was making progress and (once again) has corrected my attitude in waiting for His timing! 

Progress is being made and we didn't even know it!  Our Dossier (the package that goes to Haiti) was submitted in late April.  We had a few more documents to get certified and authenticated so we waited, and waited, and waited.  I am learning this adoption journey is all about patience!

So we got an email this week stating that our Dossier was out of translation!!!!  Say what??!!!  We didn't even know it had been sent so we were very excited about this.  In that same email we got directions to call our main contact (who is by far the BEST EVER!!!) from our agency concerning the next step.  So don't you know, we were on that phone faster than anything!!! 

That brings us to today - a very exciting day in the Batchelor house - yes, we are leaving another teaser out there.  But until details have been made firmer, our lips remained sealed!!  Just know that your prayers are being heard by our Almighty Planner!  We will share more details when we can!  Pray hard for us the next several days as decisions will be made and our lives will be changed forever! 

On a side note - we are going to Haiti (completely separate of the adoption) for a mission trip.  We leave this week and couldn't be more excited!  It's funny to know that I will actually be in the same country as my kiddos here soon - no, I don't know them by name yet, but somehow I will be closer to them and hopefully they can feel their mama's love even stronger!  God, please protect my kiddos and let them feel your love even though I can't hold them in my arms for awhile!