Friday, May 5, 2017


We’ve had a lot of questions concerning our adoption – timelines, travel, how you can help, etc
So here’s the low-down:

The update – We flew through the smaller courts.  Our latest email from our agency gave us an 8-10 week arrival time of our girls.  However, we realistically think it will be anywhere from mid-June to end of July before we will travel to get them.  This is very exciting because we had planned for September! 

What about moving??? 

Yep, we are wondering the same thing!  God hasn’t revealed His plan for that yet.  Ryan’s orders are up in November, so at the latest we would be moving then, however, it could be anytime from now until Nov.

Where are we going???

Yep, we don’t know that either. 

Timing - So will you move before or after the girls come home? 

Uhhhhh, refer to the above two answers – we don’t know!!

The last few steps of the adoption are to finish up the court processes, issue our daughters passports and visas, and a final medical exam for both our girls.  Then we get the call we have been waiting for, for over 3 ½ years!!  It’s time to travel to get our girls!!  We have to stay in Haiti for 6 days and then we fly home. 

How will you communicate with the girls?  Jenny is furiously attempting to learn as much creole as possible.  Our daughters speak no English, so sign language and “caveman” creole is what we will be doing until the girls pick up English.

So many of you have asked how you can help.  First off, thank you for always supporting and praying us through!!  We still need those prayers desperately!! 

                -Pray for the language barrier. 

-Pray for everyone’s health – as many of you know, our youngest daughter has a blood condition that we are praying stays on the sidelines until we can get her here for good medical care. 

-Pray also for our travels.  We have decided to take the whole family on this trip.  What an experience for our kids here to truly see where part of our family comes from.  What an experience that all of our kids meet on Haitian soil where it will (hopefully) be less intimidating for the girls.  What an experience for us all to bond during that precious time of doing nothing but being together as a family!  This brings up a lot of extra work for Ryan and I – however, we are up for the task, and truly feel that God is opening this door for our family.  Please pray as we continue preparations for this trip. 

-Pray for our girls.  They are losing everything they know and totally trusting their new Papa and Manman!  Our older daughter has a tough outer shell that this will be difficult for her to do.  Pray specifically for leaving their friends they will leave behind, as well as the only place they have ever called home. 

What else????

Since we aren’t sure what arrival will look like yet – we aren’t sure what other help we will need.  So many of you locals have given us clothes, shoes, coats, etc so we are set there.  I’m sure we could always use meals directly after, as we will be cocooning after getting home for a couple of months.  We treasure your prayers throughout the whole process of homecoming!!!  If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask – we will do our best to answer!!