Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We are excited to announce that we are finally:
We have been waiting to announce this part of our adoption journey for so long!!!  We sent in our USCIS form today!!!  This is a big form (which means big money attached to it, of course!) but God has already provided those funds!!  We are over the moon excited about this big step! 
What's next?  Yep, I'm kinda wondering that one too!  We are currently in the process of doing many things.  We have sent off many, many documents to 5 different states (thank you Navy!) to get documents certified.  We have received all but one of those back.  Then we wait for our USCIS form to be returned and do more fingerprinting.  After this gets done, we do a lot of waiting. 
Waiting for news on our referral of kiddos,
Waiting for our documents to be translated,
Waiting for God's perfect timing in meeting our kiddos! 
All we know right now is that we have butterflies about getting closer to our children.  From a mama's heart, I simply can't wait and I tear up every time I think about them and what they might be doing today.  I am so incredibly thankful for a God that knows all those things and is taking care of my children today and will forever be in His hands! 
We have started applying for grants.  In fact, we got so excited about being done with the home study (most grants make you wait to be done with that step!) that we applied for one last night.  We are still standing firm in the fact that God will take care of the necessary funds! 
I think that's about it for now.  This last month has been a trial for us emotionally - we know there are many more waits coming our way, but we are rejoicing this week in making this big step - REJOICE WITH US!!!