Friday, June 12, 2009

The Air Show

We had a great time at the Air Show! We were able to see the Blue Angels and other planes/helicopters. The kids really enjoyed seeing the jets doing their tricks. H kept yelling "Planes, Planes!" It was cute!

The Blue Angels were VERY loud, but a nice lady gave us earplugs for the kids! The baby didn't even cry with the loud noises.

A and Mommy catching a picture!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Family Pictures

Here is our latest family picture!
G - almost 6 yrs.
E - 4 1/2 yrs.
R - 3 yrs.
H - 2 yrs.
A - 8 mo.

Tadpoles and results of Germy Potato

So I had the bright idea of collecting some tadpole and attempting to watch them turn into frogs. What a great science lesson that prepares itself!
So here we are collecting our friends...

They made it into our tank for everyone to look at and watch. Then I quickly realized that I had no idea what tadpoles ate. I think we starved the poor things to death. We "let them go" while we were in Indiana!

Many of you have asked how the Germy Potato experiment turned out - priceless! They all turned out as expected. The one with the un-washed hands was all nasty and green and the others looked better. The cleanest one was the washed with soap and water and hand sanitizer. So it just hit my point all the way home when they realized that not all the germs were killed with just soap and water!


E received a very speical gift from Nana and Papa Batchelor a few weeks ago! She and Summer (her Bity Baby) now have matching swimsuits. She is one spoiled little girl! Thanks Nana!

In AWANA news - G finished his first year of Sparks. He earned the extra pin award for finishing his book and the extra book that is optional. He worked very hard at memorizing, but what is better, is that he has now hidden God's Word in his heart and is very close to understanding better what it means to have a relationship with his God.

Excuse the black eye! We still aren't sure how he got that severe of a black eye!

E finished her second year of Cubbies. She is VERY excited to move on to Sparks and be "a big kid" as she tells us!

I was in Florida on a "mommy vacation" so I didn't get to go to Awards Night - but Big R did a great job getting pictures for me and he even had them wearing coordinating colors to match their vests - good job Big R!